John DeLorenzo

A Little About Me: Hello there! I'm a student at St. Petersburg College, otherwise known as SPC, located in the beautiful paradise that is St. Petersburg, FL. I received an A.S. Degree in Web Development with a focus on Web & Graphic Design on May 13th, 2014 and was accepted in the Bachelors Program to pursue a B.A.S. in Technology Development & Management, which I started on August 18th, 2014.

My background in customer service, management, sales, accounting, & entry-level technical support / IT along with continuing education in the Web & Graphic Design/Development field provide professional organizations that value hard work, sound decision making, good business sense, integrity, and high moral principles the opportunity to add a quality employer to their organization .

Below are some of the classes taken over the last couple years towards my A.S. degree in Web Development:

A.S. Degree Classes
° Advanced Website Development ° Web & Graphic Design Internship
° Web Graphics Design I & II ° Introduction to Flash
° Advanced Web Page Creation ° JavaScript
° E-Commerce Site Designer ° Web Foundations & Essentials
° Systems Analysis & Design ° Local Area Network Concepts
° Database Techniques & Programming ° Intro Computers & Programming
° Computer Repair Essentials ° Computer Support Technician

In addition, I'm an enthusiastic, motivated, and conscientious professional who believes very strongly in accountability, dedication, accountability, teamwork, & integrity. I'm confident in my abilities and passionate about delivering results, and understand the importance of doing right by customers/clients, management, and peers for a positive impact on an organizations success.

The primary tools I'm using in design at this time include WordPress, Adobe Creative Suite (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, InDesign, & Flash), and Joomla. I've taken an introduction class for JavaScript, & plan on taking courses in both PHP and Java to start off the new year!

Though I'm not the most experienced Web Designer / Developer in the Tampa Bay area, the passion for learning and design that I have and the fact I absolutely love this new career direction speaks volumes as to my desire to continue learning and growing as much as possible in this exiciting field!

Thanks for stopping by - if you'd like to chat just drop me an email...

Below you'll find a small sampling of the various projects I've worked on, both in and out of school, along with a couple that are currently in the planning /development stages as of this writing.

District 1 AA - Pinellas County is the website for Alcoholics Anonymous covering the geographic area running from the St. Petersburg/Gulfport area up to Tarpon Springs. The site design intentionally kept a traditional feel in order to honor the history of the organization, and it's mantra to "Keep It Simple" - this site was designed using WordPress®.
District 1 AA - Pinellas County, FL.

Gulfport Tile & Marble is a local "mom & pop" business located in Gulfport, FL. This was a redesign, and the background for each page used a different type of marble/tile image. It was a fun site to work on, & the owner was thoroughly satisfied - this site was designed using Dreamweaver®.
Gulfport Tile & Marble Website

St. Petersburg College Class Project for our Advanced Website Design class. The primary goal was to present a hand-coded site that was well designed & visually pleasing (concept to completion). The primary goal was use of storyboards, design concepts, etc. & not functionality. A custom logo was designed using Photoshop®, and the site itself was completed using Dreamweaver®.
Click Photography School Website Project

Field Forensics, Inc. is a small business located in St. Petersburg, FL. that develops & manufactures field kits for the detection of illicit drugs & explosives. This was also a redesign with the original site being overly busy, cluttered, and unorganized. Dropdown menus, rollover effects, & more were added. The site was designed using Joomla, and my internship for SPC was here (still employed there).
Field Forensics, Inc.

Field Forensics, Inc. has provided many opportunities to learn more than just web design! I've also been fortunate enough to learn the basics of print design for marketing & sales material using Adobe InDesign®. Here is a 2 page layout of a Forensics Solutions marketing piece that highlights some of our more popular products & their uses
Field Forensics Solutions Marketing Design

Trippin' Through America is a personal website mockup of a 3-week roadtrip through the western United States this past year, including Arizona, Nevada, California, Utah, & Texas. The mokcup was done using Adobe Photoshop®. All images on the site were shot with my Nikon D7000 DSLR.
Trippin' Through America - The Wild, Wild West

Adobe Photoshop®: A before/after of a photo taken on the "Wild, Wild West" road trip above, showing the software capabilities! The original image, with power lines, fence, shadows, & more was shot using a Nikon D7000 DSLR (prosumer model), enhanced using only Adobe Photoshop®.
Photoshop Enhancement

COMING SOON! Spill Solutions is another small "mom & pop" business located in Fishers, IN. This will be a new design and will be linked to a client database that allows the owner to communicate with them securely, providing information on new services and products.
Spill Solutions

COMING SOON! Interior Decor By Ginny is a small "mom & pop" local business located in St. Petersburg, FL. This will be a new design, encompassing a more elegant, modern design than what we've previously worked on. The owenr is a good friend - I'm looking forward to helping grow her new business!
Interior Decor By Ginny - Changing The Way You Feel